How Does Backtsy Work?

  • Registration does not require you to provide any details. all you are required to do in the registration is allow Backtsy to access your shop
  • After registration you will be re-directed to select the backup frequency: Weekly or monthly (depending on the frequency you apply changes to your shop)
  • After you select the backup frequency a checkout button will appear , complete the payment via PP and thats it you are done! your shop will be backed up automatically and you will have backups from the last 3 months available.
  • Read our quick start guide for detailed step by step instructions and learn how you can download a copy of the backup to your computer or restore specific listings or shop information directly to your shop.

Wondering why do you need Etsy shop backup?  read why we believe backing up your Etsy shop is absolutely mandatory.

For any questions please contact us at

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How Does Backtsy Work?

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